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We are a Cairo-based company offering a wide range of translation and linguistic services. Whatever your needs, we can meet them.

:-) Regional focus
18> Languages
30+ Translators
10y Experience

Established in Egypt in 2015, our sister company, E&R Linguistics and Research, LLC, has been operating in South Carolina, United States, since late 2014.

With a family partnership between a well-travelled American and an Egyptian of diverse ethnic descent of many cultures and nationalities adjacent to the Mediterranean (Greek, Turkish, Spanish and Lebanese), we bring to you the best of Western expertise mixed with the lived language of the Middle East.

We are certified by the Egyptian Translators’ Association (Egyta License #14300). We are also a registered operating company in Egypt with a commercial license (Registry #82401).

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Regular services

Our regular services include, but are not limited to:

Textual translation

We offer translation of all types of documents, including immigration, legal, social, literary, medical, business, financial, etc.


If you need hands on help, we can provide it, whether interpretation for legal or business purposes, or varied other contexts. We can be your voice in another language.


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